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Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the event?

Our event targets graduate students, MBA and PhD students as well as professionals with working experience in operations. We expect all participants to possess outstanding academic achievements. Furthermore, a driver's license is mandatory. All applications will be treated confidentially.

Will I be evaluated during the event?

No. The event is not an assessment center for determining a participant's employability. We want to give you the opportunity to gain insights into our working environment in order to help you decide whether consulting could play a role in your career.

Why should I apply for the event?

You should apply if you: 

  • Want to experience what management and operations consulting at McKinsey is all about
  • Are curious and open to new challenges
  • Are seeking an attractive career
  • Have fun working in teams and enjoy solving complex problems

Will taking part in the event cost me anything?

Event participants will not incur any costs. McKinsey will cover all travel and accommodation expenses.